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LPDC Handbook

Educator Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each educator to:

Be Informed:
  • Meet license renewal requirements in a timely manner
  • Know the professional development and renewal requirements for educator licensure, including the significance of licensure issuance and expiration dates
  • Choose coursework and other professional development activities that reflect the principles of high quality professional development
  • Know school and/or district goals
Abide by LPDC Operating Procedures:
  • Follow the LPDC procedures, criteria and timelines for reviews of IPDPs, coursework and other professional development activities
  • Submit the IPDP for LPDC approval as soon as possible after receiving a new or renewed license
  • Obtain LPDC approval of the IPDP before engaging in professional development for licensure renewal. Professional development activities that are completed either before or outside the scope of an approved IPDP will not be accepted for licensure renewal.
Maintain Records
  • Keep records of all licensure and LPDC transactions, particularly the LPDC review and approval of an IPDP, coursework and other professional development activities

LPDC Handbook

The LPDC HANDBOOK contains complete information about the LPDC processes and guidelines. It is reviewed and updated annually in August.


If for any reason you feel that you have a special circumstance surrounding specific professional development activities in which you would like the LPDC to consider waiving a guideline, you can file an appeal to the LPDC and ask for special consideration.

If a request is rejected by the LPDC, the educator will be given the reason(s) for the rejection in writing. If an educator wishes to appeal a decision of the Local Professional Development Committee, they should follow the procedures outlined in the LPDC Handbook.