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IPDP Forms

All educators should thoughtfully consider the goals they write on their Individual Professional Development Form (IPDP) taking into consideration:

  • LPDC guidelines and procedures (see LPDC Handbook);
  • a process of self assessment on their individual strengths and weaknesses;
  • the priorities of their school/district;
  • the needs of their job; and
  • specific career goals.

All goals on the IPDP should be written as SMART Goals.  See sample SMART Goals on this page for examples. 

We strongly suggest that everyone should include one broad general goal on their IPDP.  See sample SMART Goals on this page for an example.

All forms are a fillable forms. Please download to your computer to complete.)

Self Assessment

To complete a process of self assessment, we suggest using either the OTES, OPES or OSCES Self Assessment.  Please note, however, that these self assessments are designed to  create annual goals and the goals on your IPDP should be long range  (i.e. five year) goals. 

Smart Goals

Need help writing your SMART goals, take a look at the samples below.


Links to resources that may be useful in creating an Individual Professional Development Plan and planning for appropriate professional development are below.