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StarLab Planetarium

StarLab Planetarium K-12

Starlab Planetarium
The StarLab mobile planetarium allows the Challenger Learning Center to bring the night sky to schools or special events! The planetarium can be set-up and ready in as little as thirty minutes. In addition to bringing this traveling exhibit out to different sites, it can also be added as part of a Challenger Mission. While inside the StarLab, participants view the night sky as if they are outside in an open field with no city lights distracting the view. Our program includes instruction about the day and night sky, celestial navigation, constellations, moon phases, size and temperature of stars, nebulas, planets, and current celestial events. Our lessons are aligned to the Ohio's New Learning Standards. The StarLab experience opens up a new understanding of the universe! All those who participate are also give a star chart to help guide them on their own star gazing journey with family and friends.

We offer the Star Field, Moon Phases, Greek Mythology, African Mythology, Native American Mythology planetarium programs!
Become a young witch or wizard and take our magical astronomy course to learn about the mythical and magical creatures in our Magic of Astronomy program!

Location Information:
You'll want to make sure that you have a 22 foot space in diameter available with about a 12' ceiling. A gymnasium is the perfect place to set up the StarLab!

Group Size:
Up to 30 for elementary students; Up to 25 middle or high school students.

Program Cost*:
  • $250 for the 1st presentation on site
  • $225 for the 2nd presentation on site
  • $200 for the 3rd presentation on site
  • $175 for the 4th and any addition presentation(s) on site
*Prices are for a 1-hour program, with up to 25 middle/high school students / 30 elementary students, within 30 minutes of CLC. Additional time and distance fees apply.

Call us at 419-725-5926 or email at [email protected] to schedule your next program!