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Prevention Education

Prevention Education

The Education Service Center (ESC) of Lake Erie West received a grant on behalf of a consortium of nine ESCs in Northwest Ohio. This proposal is focused on the following goals:
  1. Building sustainable capacity in the participating ESCs and their member school districts to offer data driven professional development in prevention education; 
  2. Training ESC staff; educators and related service staff in local districts on prevention strategies that will positively impact students and reduce harmful behaviors; and
  3.  Developing collaborative, sustainable partnerships between Northwest Ohio ESCs and local ADAMHS (Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services) boards that will allow for continued professional development on prevention after the expiration of grant funding. 
Participating ESCs are listed below.

Prevention 101

A major initiative of the Prevention Education Grant is to have every educator in Northwest Ohio complete Prevention 101 training. This online training provides a modern overview of Prevention and provides a framework to assist educators in choosing the best prevention strategies for students. This training can be completed in less than an hour and a contact hour certificate will be provided.

Here are the steps each user will take:
  1. Click on the form linked below.
  2. Fill in name, email, school and submit
  3. EITHER, click on the link at the end of the form OR open the email attachment that is sent and click the training link there.
  4. Complete the training
  5. Click the Prevention Survey button at the end of the presentation
  6. Complete the Survey Monkey evaluation
  7. Print their certificate