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Forms & Documents

Forms and Documents

The Ohio State Board of Education has posted extensive documents on their website to assist districts and schools as they prepare to implement the Ohio Resident Educator Program. The links below are to some of the most commonly used documents/forms.

Annual Program Requirements 

Mentor Toolkitfor individual forms see below.

End of Year Completion Form

At the end of the year, complete the following form and return to your program coordinator.

Focused Mentoring

While mentoring addresses the instructional support resident educators need as they begin their professional teaching careers, focused mentoring is specific and targeted to address teacher competencies Ohio once measured in the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) in the years preceding 2017-2018. Through focused mentoring, teachers demonstrate their competency in the targeted skill areas at the local level instead of the state level.  

Focused mentoring is typically delivered in two parts. During Year 1, Focused Mentoring  targets professional growth, communication and collaboration. During Year 2, Focused Mentoring targets use of student formative and summative assessment.

Focused Mentoring Tools

Our ESC provides suggestions for each of the Focused Mentoring activities within the RE Program and they can be found at the links below.  ODE also provides several samples of Focused Mentoring activities on their website that can be found using this link


You will need to scroll to the bottom on the page and under Mentor Resources and Tools and can click on the Focused Mentoring zip file.