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Family Engagement Center

Family and Community Partnership Liaison

The Family and Community Partnership Liaison will work with school district personnel in their member districts and member community schools to build a network of community resources, partners, and support services for vulnerable youth and families. 

For more information contact Elizabeth Kregel at either 419-724-1782 or [email protected]

School Social Work Coordinator

The School Social Work Coordinator provides direct and indirect social work services to students experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioral problems that interfere with their performance in school and facilitate communication among school, home and community providers. The School Social Work Coordinator will identify and assess the needs of students and their families, counsel and advocate for them, link them with community resources, and intervene in crisis situations. The School Social Work Coordinator can also provide support to school staff members working with students identified as needing support.

For more information contact Eden Pendleton at 
419-245-4150 ext. 4196 or [email protected] 

Parent Mentor

A Parent Mentor is the parent of a child with a disability who is available to help parents of a child suspected of or diagnosed with a disability. The Parent Mentor provides training, support, and information services to help families and educators communicate effectively to ensure that students with disabilities receive a meaningful and appropriate education. Services provided by the Parent Mentor include guiding families through the special education process, attending meetings with families to offer support, and helping to build collaborative partnerships between families and schools.

For more information check out the Parent Mentor Webpage or contact Wendy Smenner, Parent Mentor at either 419-214-3066 or [email protected] 

McKinney-Vento Social Work Coordinator

The ESC of Lake Erie West’s McKinney-Vento Social Work Coordinator is a licensed professional
who supports schools by:
  • Educating school staff to increase awareness of homelessness and helping them meet the needs of homeless children, youth, and their families
  • Coordinating with community agencies to help students and their families connect with community and school district resources
  • Calling upon community partners to best meet the needs of students and their families
For more information contact Terri Mabrey, McKinney-Vento Social Work Coordinator at either 419-725-2064 or [email protected]

Attendance Specialist

The ESC of Lake Erie West attendance department is a liaison between school districts serviced by the ESC of Lake Erie West and Lucas County Juvenile Court. Interventions provided by the Truancy Specialist include: phone calls, school and/or home visits, agency referrals, and legal actions as required by the Ohio Revised Code. 

For more information contact Philip Williams, Truancy Specialist at either (Office): 419-246-3110 or (Cell) 419-265-6347 or  [email protected]