New or Replicating School Application for 2017-18 School Year

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Sponsorship encompasses a great deal of legal responsibility, and we at the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West take our responsibilities seriously. At the core, we are dedicated to facilitating high quality education to today’s students. In Ohio, there are significant consequences for poor performance in academics, finance, operations, and governance. If a school does not perform well, it may be closed automatically by law or by the sponsor, and could be subject to civil liability. Therefore, it is extremely important the school founders demonstrate a strong, evidence-based understanding of community school operation before moving forward with the start-up community school process.

Please answer all questions thoroughly and provide any requested or additional supporting materials. We accept paper applications or electronic submissions. Standard, easily-readable fonts are required with a font size of 11 points or larger.  Both portrait and landscape attachments are acceptable.  Please do not encrypt or password-protect electronic documents, as that may prevent us from opening and processing such attachments.


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